Welcome to Our Exhibition

#Black Lives Matter artists' mural in downtown Columbus, Ohio, Jun 21, 2020 Welcome to our virtual exhibition Human Revolution: Reworking the Soul for Justice,  dedicated to the study of Black Lives Matters in the Arts and our individual responsibility to make this world a loving and safe place for everyone. We are Mercy College's Global Honors Students who spent our Spring 2021 semester in the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social justice movements raging against racism and inequities. Our course "Black Lives Matter in Art" focused on the history of Black artists in Africa and the diaspora, especially in the United States.  We also studied systemic racism evidenced by the depiction of Black subjects in art history and systemic racism in the arts professions.  Sarah Bracey White      Wilhelmina Obatola Grant-Cooper E. Patrick Hankin The highlights of our semester together were the guest presentations delivered by Sarah Bracey White , writer and Executive Direc